Park and Ride

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the multi-talented duo behind South Park (series and movie) and Orgazmo, the sweet little story of a Morman who becomes a porno star. What are they thinking?

Going Down

When a series has episodes entitled Cherokee Hair Tampons, Something You Can Do With Your Finger and Do the Handicapped go to Hell? you can be sort of sure that the creators aren't that worried about offending. Everybody.

The fourth season of South Park gives everyone another chance to tut at the screen and ask "what are those boys on?"

Episode one, Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000, sees Eric put in prison for a crime he definitely did commit. In the second episode Eric turns to transvestiscism to try and make a little easy cash (he dresses as the tooth fairy). As the series progresses more and more sacred cows get anal probes (metaphorically you understand).

The format is still the same, Kenny still dies. A lot. There are more guests stars than ever, Cartman's Mom is still a dirty slut (although the identity of his real mother is still unknown), and of course he�s still fat. Kyle is still tortured with religious angst and Stan is still wrestling with his unrequited love for Wendy. So what has changed?

Well. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed to make many more episodes, even though they were unhappy with the way the show�s been marketed. And the fact they didn't get any of the money for the Cartman keyrings, Kenny crucifixes and Kyle cough syrup.

And two of the South Park writers, Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch have created their own animated internet shorts called Mr Wong about a rich woman and her eighty-five year-old Chinese houseboy (find them at - but be warned they're for adults only and if you're offended by jokes about Chinese people not being able to pronounce the letter 'R' it's probably best to keep away. Although they do promise no cannabalism jokes. Is this a good thing?)

Blame everyone.

For a generation brought up on Disney schmaltz and saccharine tunes, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut probably came as a bit of a shock.

Featuring Satan and Saddam Hussein as lovers, bad mouthing the Canadians, and celebrating the art of the fart, the movie was never going to convert the more conservative among us to the joys of Colorado life.

The animation was created by the finest computers money can buy - and it still looked like a bunch of paper cutouts made by the freaky five-year old who ate crisps out of the gutter at everybody's infant school.

The story is a fairly simple one - the four friends use fake IDs to get into the new X-rated Terrance and Phillip movie and start to emilate their heroes. Their parents find out and, looking for someone else to accuse for their kids' bad behaviour, they blame the whole of Canada. War is declared and a huge Les Miserables inspired battle/musical number ensues.

And Kenny dies. Of course.

Songs include What Would Brian Boitano Do? The Oscar nominated Blame Canada and the heartwarming ballad Up There (sang by Satan and inspired by the sort of top five achieving fare usually recorded by Stephen Gately and Celine Dionne - see Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of Notre Dame... ad infinitum). Although the absolute highlight, and everybody�s favourite has to be Terrance and Phillip's happy little anthem Uncle F**ka.

Yes - they say some baaad words.

But despite all this - or because of it - South Park the movie turned out to be phenomenally successful and far, far funnier than the series that spawned it.

Big Gay Al returns, you get to see what Kenny really looks like and you can wholeheartedly embrace the message - everybody else sucks! You knew it all along.

Live and unleashed

Trey Parker and Matt's Stone's occassional forays into live action may not have brought them the glory and fame of their cartoon creations, but they have helped to develop a mighty cult following for the pair.

From the madness of Cannibal: The Musical , to the indulgences of Orgazmo and the almost-but-not-quite-mainstream BASEketball, the live action trajectory has been, well - not phenomenal perhaps, but not too shoddy, considering.

Orgazmo tells the story of a young Morman man (Matt Stone) who is sucked into the world of pornography. If you get my drift. It is similar in subject to the far more successful Boogie Nights. But made before it, honest.

Through the course of the film the young porno-star learns the true value of stuff and gets to grow as a person.

Matt Stone is a producer, writer and actor. He writes most of the infamous songs, and voices the South Park characters Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Jesus, Pip and Jimbo. His biography says he likes puppies and hates mean things. He also looks like the blond guy from The Blair Witch Project. It's spooky (spookier than The Blair Witch Project anyway.)

Stone met Parker at the University of Colorado in Boulder (where Mork and Mindy live). He was working towards a Maths degree, but he did film studies too.

Trey Parker directed Orgazmo and Cannibal: The Musical. He is also a producer, writer and actor. He does the voices of Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Officer Barbrady, Mr Garrison and Mr Hat.

The are obviously planning to take over the world.

Elise Harris

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