Watching the Detectives

There are loads of TV detectives -
but only some of them were on TV in November 2000

The Professionals

Bodie and Doyle have probably entered the public consciousness more than any other crime-fighting duo in the past 30 years. The priapismic pair (see the episode The Ojuka Situation) liked big guns, fast cars and loose women. Although the girlfriends of the week never seemed to last very long - usually either dying or turning out to be the villains. Doyle's one true love, Ann Holly (played by Patricia Hodge in the episode Involvement), dumped him when she found out he was investigating her estranged father. At the end of the episode you see Bodie and Doyle in the distance - Bodie puts his arm around Doyle and they disappear round the corner.
Granada Plus, Weekdays at 3pm and 8pm until November 3

Pie in the Sky

Semi-retired and ever-so-slightly overweight policeman Henry Crabbe managed to combine running a successful restaurant with his detective work. His obsession with classic cookery writer Elizabeth David and his love of food was a major part of his appeal. He was an unlikely copper, but he still managed to catch the bad guys most weeks, to the chagrin of his supervisor, Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher (Malcolm Sinclair).
UK Gold, Wednesday, November 1, 12.25pm and Thursday 2 at 1am

Dalziel and Pascoe

Warren Clarke plays the bulldog-faced Andy Dalziel - Colin Buchanan plays his grumpy young sidekick Peter Pascoe. By the end of the last series Pascoe's wife Ellie had moved to London with their young daughter - and Pascoe moved in with Dalziel, even though his own house was presumably empty. Make of that what you will.
UK Gold from November 30

The Sweeney

Before The Pros there was The Sweeney. Tougher, grisslier and a lot more boozy than Bodie and Doyle, Jack Regan (John Thaw) and George Carter (Dennis Waterman) were all well'ard.
Granada Plus, Weekdays at 4pm

Starsky & Hutch

A big red car, a cardigan, cardboard boxes, explosions and a propensity to touch each other a lot more than was strictly necessary. Yes, Starsky and Hutch were 1970s cops through and through. David Soul's lovely blond hair and shockingly successful singing career may have faded as the years have passed, but the legacy of Starsky And Hutch lives on.
Regular informer Huggy Bear (Antonio Fargas) with his jive talking, loping walk and big collars was really cool- but nobody had a clue what he was saying. And their shouty boss set a tradition that was carried through to later shows like Cagney And Lacey.
Paul Michael Glaser was curly-haired Starsky, the sensitive owner of said cardigan, and David Soul played smoothie Hutch.
Granada Plus, Saturdays at 4pm

Cagney and Lacey

Christine Cagney and Mary-Beth Lacey were the Thelma and Louise of their day, without the inconvenient falling-off-a-cliff bit at the end (although Chris fell off the wagon in a big way). Cagney (Sharon Gless) was tough, blonde and single, Lacey was darker, sturdier and married to an oaf. Their personal lives played as big a part as their work, perhaps paving the way for angsty-comedy like Ally McBeal. They were the first 'real' women cops on TV (Charlie's Angels hardly count as real), and there haven't been many like them since.
Granada Plus, Digital only, from November 24, 11pm

CI5: The New Professionals

The creator of The Professionals, Brian Clemens, worked on this update. It was made in 1998 but the rest of Europe got to see it before Britain. The series is extremely popular in the US, despite a run of only 13 episodes.
Edward Woodward stars as head of CI5, Harry Malone, taking over from where George Cowley (Gordon Jackson) left off. The active agents in this new series include a woman (Tina Backus, played by Lexa Doig), but the focus is still on the boys. In this case Sam Curtis (Colin Wells) and Chris Keel (Kal Webber), not quite filling Bodie and Doyle's jockstraps, but trying gamely.
Sky One, Mondays at 9pm

The Saint/return of the Saint

First it was Roger Moore, then it was Ian Ogilvy and finally Val Kilmer (in the film version). Simon Templar (created by Leslie Charteris) has gone through a lot of changes. Never mind, eh, the millionaire playboy is suave whichever incarnation he takes.
Granada Plus, starts November 16, Return Of The Saint 10am weekdays


Bald Greek with a lollipop. Yes, Kojak is an easy cop to spot in a crowd. The orally fixated detective was huge in the 70s - propelling Telly Savalas into stardom and an inevitable singing career (see David Soul, Starsky And Hutch).
Granada Plus, weekdays at 5pm and 10pm

Sherlock Holmes

The original crimefighter and his trusty sidekick Doctor Watson continue to be hugely popular almost 100 years after their creation. All right, Sherlock was a bit of a drug addict with a violin fixation and a fear of women, but good old Watson was always there to keep him from going completely mental. The pair's relationship is still the subject of intense speculation - two middle-aged bachelors of independent means living in a cramped flat and doing everything together. All very innocent, of course.
Granada Plus, check schedules for details

Charlie's Angels

Once upon a time there were three little girls. They were true 1970s chicks: big hair, little bikinis and lots of lip gloss - even the supposedly plain one with the brains. Original Angel Farrah Fawcett left to be replaced by slightly less big-haired, but even blonder Cheryl Ladd, but the original three, Kate Jackson as Sabrina Duncan, Fawcett as Jill Munroe and Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett, were the most memorable. Of course, the stars of the new film, Lucy Lui, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, look set to eclipse them. Never mind, there's a whole day to re-live the cheesy glamour of the 70s version.
Granada Plus, Charlie's Angels Marathon, November 25 11am-5pm

Also showing

Don't miss fat detective Cannon, Granada Plus, weekdays at 10pm and 5pm; Dempsey And Makepeace, Granada Plus, Sundays at 10am; Belgian with a moustache Poirot, Granada Plus weekdays at 3pm; Hart to Hart: married and loving it, Granada Plus, Saturdays at 9pm; Inspector Wexford, Granada Plus, Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 9pm.

NB: All dates in listings refer to 2000.

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